• Luogo ideale dove trovare rifugio dalla vita frenetica di tutti i giorni, e concedersi una pausa di relax a stretto contatto con la natura.

  • Acqua calda in cui immergersi, da cui farsi massaggiare, di cui respirare i vapori, rigenerarsi sotto una cascata fresca, passeggiare sui ciottoli rivitalizzanti...

  • Per piacere, per piacersi, in tanti piccoli momenti da dedicare a se stessi e alla cura del proprio corpo.

  • Un viaggio dei sensi attraverso il modo di vivere l'ideale della bellezza degli antichi etruschi, popolo che ha saputo elevare la cura del corpo a simbolo eterno.

  • La SPA del Wellness Center Casanova Hotel, nata per rispondere alle diverse esigenze di benessere estetico, fisico e mentale dei propri clienti.

  • Wellness Center Casanova... dove relax, Oriente ed Occidente si incontrano.

  • Esiste un luogo dove ogni energia è finalizzata alla cura del corpo, al benessere e al raggiungimento di una nuova ritrovata bellezza.

Hot spring baths and the Etruscans

SPA Wellness Center Casanova

Enjoy a journey of the senses the same way the ancient Etruscans - a people who elevated body wellness to a symbol of eternity - experienced the ideal of beauty.

A unique spa journey that finds its origins in the ancient treatments used by the Etruscans. The very pure, hot and cold water is enriched with magnesium and potassium, making it rich in special therapeutic elements,  used in all its forms. Through osmosis, thanks to a high concentration of potassium and magnesium, it penetrates the skin, generating its specific benefits: strengthens the immune system, hydrates and protects the skin - especially sensitive skin -  generates a cardiotonic and draining effect on the whole body, improves the quality of sleep, and has a strong anti-stress effect. An experience that involves the body and mind. Hot water you can immerse yourself in, be massaged by, breathe in its steam, regenerate yourself under a cool cascade, walk on revitalizing pebbles, which imitate a river bed and, finally ... relax on massage chairs with chromotherapy, where you can clear your mind in a peaceful atmosphere while sipping an herbal tea to help replenish minerals.

The water temperature positively influences cellular exchanges and chemical reactions, especially the lysis of adipose tissue.

The therapeutic power of sodium-magnesium-alkaline water is enhanced by alternating baths and steam at various, appropriately established temperatures, producing a form circulatory exercise that is very useful for blood vessels and muscles.

Cold water reduces inflammation and congestion, and shrinks blood vessels. 

Warm water reduces muscle tension, increases perspiration, dilates blood vessels, therefore, accelerating circulation. Alternating hot and cold water can increase or reduce circulation.
Hydrotherapy is effective in orthopedic, rheumatic, and neurological treatments, as well as in stimulating the body’s vital force, while strengthening psychophysical equilibrium and the immune system, and calms stress.
It is, furthermore, effective in detoxifying the organism and for a soft and moisturized skin without stretch marks.

“Salus Per Acquam”: health through water.
The trace elements dissolved are: sodium, magnesium, potassium and iodine.
The osmotic effect determined by the saline solution on the skin eliminates toxins from subcutaneous tissue, allowing for better oxygenation.
Furthermore, the presence of potassium chloride has a slight diuretic effect, therefore, promoting the elimination of excess fluid, with a consequent decrease in swelling of the lower limbs.
Tissue affected by microcirculation problems, as occurs with cellulite, leads to considerable benefits.
Other positive effects are determined by the presence of magnesium, which promotes muscle relaxation, while the iodine stimulates metabolism.

Services offered:

Labra Cum Aquis Salis, or salt bath, with a temperature of 32°C and its high salt concentration, has an exfoliating effect and prepares the skin for subsequent baths.

Fontes Salum, or salt cave, with a temperature of 35°C, in a humid environment, where the morning air  breathed by the sea is recreated. The water cascades down from the rock walls and forms a slight mist.

Etruscorum Labra, or Etruscan bath, with a temperature of 34°C. Here, through an osmotic effect, the skin  begins absorbing  the potassium and magnesium salts.  In this pool, you can enjoy a revitalizing foot massage, thanks to its pebble bottom, which imitates a river bed.

Etruscorum Cava, or Etruscan cave, is a hot humid environment, with a temperature of 55°C, where a sea mist forms.

Frigidae Aquae Cadentes, or cold waterfall,  stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation, which results in vasoconstriction.

Aquarum Calidarium Labra, or hot bath, with a temperature of 38°C and a higher concentration of potassium and magnesium salts.

Aquarum Calentium, or hot springs cave, is a hot humid environment, with a temperature of  45°C°.

Otiorum Sedes, or relaxation room. During the circuit, taking a break for a relaxing moment is recommended. This room is the place, where you can just rest in a chaise longue, with dim colored lighting, or sip a fragrant herbal tea that will help replace fluids.

Opening hours: from 9:00am to 8:00pm

The number of entries is limited and only allowed to guests over 15 years of age.

Wellness Center Casanova  Wellness Center Casanova  Wellness Center Casanova  Wellness Center Casanova

Wellness Center Casanova  Wellness Center Casanova  Wellness Center Casanova  Wellness Center Casanova

Telefono  +39 0577 898177

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